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If you’ve recently developed an interest in a BMW electric SUV, questions might be swirling around your head. Driving range, charging times, and available tax credits are likely all topics you’re curious about. Luckily, you can rely on the team at Casey BMW to answer any questions you might have about electric vehicles.

2025 iX

Types of Electric Vehicles

Electrification isn’t all-or-nothing. The BMW brand offers several different vehicles that have an electrical driving component. Traditional hybrids have a hybridized powertrain with a gas engine, a battery pack, and at least one electric motor. Those vehicles rely on regenerative braking to recharge their batteries.

These days, BMW favors plug-in hybrid electric vehicles like the BMW X5 xDrive50e. These vehicles have similar powertrain components, but they can also use an external power source to recharge a larger battery pack. The tradeoff is that these vehicles have a longer all-electric range than traditional hybrids.

Then, of course, there are BMW EVs like the BMW iX. These forego engines altogether, leveraging jaw-dropping horsepower and long-distance all-electric range for an excellent luxury driving experience. No matter what type of powertrain your BMW vehicle has, you’ll enjoy the excellent driving range and the driving dynamics for which the brand is famous.

Benefits of EVs

All-electric vehicles offer many benefits to drivers who switch to green energy. Those benefits vary greatly, but each one is equally meaningful. Here are just some of the benefits that stand out:

  • Lower fuel costs: The cost of electricity rises and falls depending on the demand for it. Even though that’s the case, charging an EV almost always costs less than filling up with gas.
  • Reduced maintenance expenses: EVs have fewer mechanical parts than their gas-only brethren. These vehicles don’t have gas tanks or oil reservoirs, for example. Since they have fewer components, EVs are often less expensive to maintain. They’re up to two-thirds less costly to maintain over their working lives.
  • Charging options: Most EVs can be charged at home using a 120- or 240-volt household outlet or an installed charging station. To charge faster, use the My BMW™ app to locate one of the thousands of Level 3 DC Fast Charging stations throughout the United States.

EV Tax Credits

The EV tax credit rules have changed under the Inflation Reduction Act, resulting in fewer qualifying vehicles. While BMW EVs don’t currently qualify for the credit for new cars, the rules are different for leased and pre-owned models purchased from a dealership. We’ll help you navigate the maze of state and federal benefits.

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